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The Tuttle Family

Down Home Crafts N Monograms has been building quality crafts since we opened in 2016.

We started our journey in the fall of 2016. My husband got laid off from his job and I was 8 months pregnant with our second little boy. My husband turned to crafting as a stress release at first. However, after about a week I talked him in to signing up for some craft shows just to see if we could earn a little cash to pay the bills. We earned some money but we also gained so much more that would continue with us today!

We are a small family owned, family run craft business  that is operated out of the garage, AKA “The Shop”, on our horse farm in South Carolina. We are both military veterans from two different branches the United States Marine Corps and the United States Air Force and we put that military rigor and attention to detail into our crafts.  We aren’t huge or selling our products world wide although we treat each and every customer just as if we were.  All things considered though we don’t think that is where we need or want to be anyway.  We sell mostly at the crafts shows in and around South Carolina and Georgia and we love meeting people at the shows.  We have many friends we look forward to seeing at the shows every year and though we are not making millions of dollars we are meeting new people and making friends and sometimes that is worth more than anything.  Our children come to the festivals and shows with us and they love it, they meet a ton of new people as well and since they are outgoing like their parents it is a perfect fir for them to learn and grow.

Anyone who meets Clade either on the street or at a show knows he is a people person. While my husband enjoys making crafts, he enjoys meeting new friends more. He always runs into someone interesting at the shows be it another vendor or a customer. He truly loves just talking and getting to know people.
Another great thing about our little craft business is that everything is made by a member of our family and most likely we made it together. My stepson hand turns the wooden bowls, wine stoppers, and pens. My husband makes the shelves, furniture and wooden signs, and I paint the tumblers, and the monograming and vinyl.  This is how we spend family time, crafting together. Even our 2 year old and 4.5 year old get out there and color our garage floor with the chalk masterpieces and paint birdhouses that are, well, very bright to say the least.

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.

Thank you for visiting our page we appreciate your business and God bless!

Toll free – (833)WOODEN1  (833)966-3361

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