Rustic Pallet Wood Wine Rack


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This wine rack is made from recycled pallet wood that was used to hold hay on our farm.  So we put hay on it to keep it off of the ground and then when we feed the hay we take the pallets and stack them up and from time to time we disassemble them and turn them into these beautiful wine racks.  These racks feature two row glass holders that will hold 4 glasses comfortably and the wine rack itself holds 9 bottle of your favorite wine.  There is a cork holder built in to the side as well and wrapped with hardware cloth to add to the rustic look and feel of the wine rack.  The wine rack also features a holder for your favorite wine stoppers (ones shown sold separately but available on our site here ). So pull those bottle out and uncork them and then put the corks in the cork holder to add to the rustic look and feel of the piece.  This wine rack would look great in any home.



Length 39″ wide

Height 34″ Tall

Depth 12″ Deep


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